JENSEN Manpower International is a licensed Philippine-based overseas recruitment and placement agency established in the year 2000. We are established to provide and meet our clients' needs for quality of service.

In welcoming the globalization era, the quality of professional manpower is very important in winning global competition and Jensen Manpower International is aware of this new trend in the global job market, that's why we never stop improving and enhancing our skills and know-how in this industry.

Learning from experience, we welcome every opportunity to further develop ourselves. Each opportunity gained is a stepping-stone to a better future.

Our Motto and Commitment

We are committed to our goal and motto of Professionalism, Effectiveness and Total commitment to Quality to our clients and applicants. By doing so, we are here to give dignity to every Filipino worker by offering opportunities to uplift their lives and contribute to the society, while at the same time, providing our clients conscientious and professional services to meet their demands and expectations.

Our Mission
  1. To enhance the aspiration of many Filipinos, blessed with ingenuity, flexibility, adaptability and dedication for a better future through gainful overseas employment. We take pride in being instrumental in the attainment of this dream.
  2. To provide our foreign clients with Filipinos who have the skills and strong determination to excel in their endeavors. We are able to ensure meaningful and fruitful employment for our fellow Filipinos while, at the same time, assisting foreign employers in attaining their business goals.
  3. To be responsible partner of our country in the preservation of the integrity of each and every Filipino who works abroad. We act as catalyst in the government's dream of a better life for all Filipinos.