The Filipino workers and professionals had been working globally for more than a decade now. Known to deliver quality in their jobs, Filipinos are desirable in most countries mainly because :
  • Highly conversant in the English language, English being the medium of instruction in the Philippines;
  • Well-equipped to work in their chosen field, having benefited from high standards of training from the Philippine education system;
  • Highly eligible because the academic courses in the Philippines mirrors the academic courses required in the US;
  • Well-experienced in their respective fields of specializations;
  • Very dedicated to their job;
  • Flexible, resourceful and intelligent; prepared to adjust and adapt to a new work and living environments
  • Good at hurdling certification test required by their profession;
  • Professionals in their work ethics, enthusiastic about their work and persevering in the face of challenges;
  • Cooperative, willing and able to learn new things fast.
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