JENSEN Manpower International offers overseas job opportunities to Filipino professionals to uplift their quality of life while contributing to the Philippine economy and society.

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Application Procedures

First Step:

We are meticulous in the sense that we focus more on professional handling of screening and preliminary interview in Manila to prevent foreseeable problems that may arise on the foreign principal's side. We conduct psychological test, aptitude test, training, orientation and strict preliminary interview to prepare only the most qualified applicants for our foreign principals. With this, we can almost guarantee the quality of workers we provide to our client, had met the standards and expectations set by our clients.

Second Step:

Applicants who passed the strict preliminary process and were chosen by our clients are given a timetable stating the date of submission of all the requirements. This way, we could give a day-to-day update report of status of the applicants to our clients. And with this, it would be easier for our clients to set the time of deployment and provide adequate contingency measures should any unavoidable circumstance may arise.

Third Step:

All applicants who left through our company will be our responsibility until their contract expires. This means that we will continue to offer professional assistance and consultation that are needed. We coordinate with respective government offices or agencies and organizations that are more knowledgeable and can offer further assistance. It is our commitment that community service and social responsibility will always be upheld.

On the foreign principal's side, we will continue to coordinate with them and see to it that we are always available should our support and assistance will be needed in managing their employees.